Viaggio in Puglia 2013

For the second Total Immersion Trip to Italy, percorsoItaliano took a group of students to Puglia in October of 2013. We selected the region of Puglia for its natural beauty, rich history, architecture, and delicious food. Roberta’s parents are originally from Puglia and she spent many childhood summers there.

We enjoyed a visit to the Valle d'Itria, including stops in Alberobello (home to the famous trulli), Martina Franca, and Ostuni. We also explored the cities of the Salento—Lecce, "the Florence of the South," Otranto, Gallipoli, and Santa Maria di Leuca.


I feel I got to see some parts of Puglia that really took me back in time and that are things that may not always be there in the future given the changing ways of the world these days
I also very much enjoyed the food and the cooking lessons/experiences and talking to people about the food and experiencing real Italian family dinners. The visit to panetteria in Altamura was so interesting and all the people we met at the little shops where we got our salumi and cheeses for lunch were great.
The trip exceeded all my expectations. To stand in an olive grove of 2000 year old trees and taste this year’s harvest, to see a nun in her full habit on her cell phone in a 3000 year old city, to feel the sun and see the land drenched in beauty, to meet the owners of farms that are 6 generations and experience their hospitality during a grand meals that were prepared for us, to take in the life of a city dedicated to art and history and so much more, I feel an enormous connection to Puglia and to Italy that will never leave my heart. This is a whole new way to see the world and though I have traveled a lot in my life, percorsoItaliano gave me the opportunity to become part of the people, the scenery, and the flavor of Italy.
It was also amazing to see how we all communicated with each other in Italian as the days passed - we actually had in-depth conversations together in Italian.
This experience boosted my confidence speaking the language.