Viaggio in Piemonte 2011

In 2011, percorsoItaliano took a group of students to Piemonte for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification. Read students’ comments and see their photos below.


I really enjoyed the gastronomic and enological parts the most. I loved being in Alba, touring the wineries and tasting the wines. The dinner party at La Meridiana was one of the highlights.
Seeing the palaces, and different kinds of architecture, also being in the mountains, and seeing the countryside around Alba … being surrounded by and immersed in the Italian language, and the opportunities to speak Italian to our guides and others.
The combination of everything—food, wine, language, cooking classes, visit to your parents’ summer home and touring Torino and Alba made this trip a success!
I enjoyed the private wine tastings at Vietti and Ratti.
The best surprise was the private tour of the castle in Barbaresco, followed by a private tasting at Gaja. The castle is one of the most beautiful I have seen.
I will never forget the private dinner with the truffles from Alba at the agriturismo.
I have fond memories of the day spent at Spinasse, in Valchiusella, at your parents’ house. Carmen’s meal was a masterpiece.
Yes, and I liked the meals we cooked also.
The recipes in the last class were something we could easily prepare at home.
The trip, overall, was one of the most enjoyable, unique experiences I’ve ever had...and I’ve studied in Italy, traveled for a living and coordinated tours myself. The amount of work and care that went into planning and implementing this tour was apparent. The combination of learning about the city, the region, the food, and the wine, together with the Italian language immersion made this experience unique! The tour surpassed my expectations.