Immersion Trips


An unforgettable journey and the ultimate Italian learning experience...

Take a 9-10 day trip to Italy with a small group of intermediate to advanced students and enjoy a cultural journey you’ll never forget. Total Immersion Trips are unique because all activities are conducted in Italian. As an Italian teacher, Roberta loves to give her students the opportunity to be uninhibited and speak freely, but a 90-minute class doesn’t always achieve this goal. On a trip like this, students can put textbooks aside, forget about homework, and gain the confidence to speak and hear the language in an authentic setting. We offer trips biennially, and each focuses on immersion in a specific region of Italy.

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To ensure the very best cultural experience and provide devoted attention to our students, it will be an intimate group—nine to eleven participants at most. Roberta and her collaborator will be the two Italian speakers on the trip. Explore the language, art, history, architecture, cinema, and cuisine of Italy with your personal Italian tour guide, and improve your comprehension of, and comfort with, the Italian language.

You will enjoy daily tours led by local Italian-speaking guides, wine tastings at renowned wineries, two cooking classes (typically one in the countryside and one in the city), and day trips. From our past Total Immersion Trips, we learned that students treasure moments spent interacting with locals, so we plan an itinerary balanced between spending time with tour guides and experts, and having direct contact with locals. This gives students a chance to experience the selected region through an insider’s point of view.

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