Viaggio a Napoli 2018

There is no place like Napoli. The city combines a majestic landscape—what some call the most beautiful bay in the world—with an intriguing blend of contradictions in its history, art, cuisine, and most importantly, its people, i napoletani. During the Baroque era, the city was a major cultural center, and a great deal of Italy’s patrimony can be found here, including paintings by Caravaggio, Raffaello, and El Greco, to name a few. The Museo di Capodimonte’s vast collection of Italian art is only exceeded by the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The city is also home to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, renowned for its haunting mosaics from Pompeii. The Teatro di San Carlo (opera house) dates from 1737, making it the oldest still operating in the world. Napoli is also known for its fashion and exquisite bespoke tailoring, exemplified by houses such as Kiton, Ambrosi, and Rubinacci.


This was a wonderful trip!!! Perfectly designed and a real language immersion.
The opportunity to meet and share homes and meals with locals was something most visitors do not get to do.
The whole experience was absolutely wonderful and well worth it. It was a very meaningful trip and I felt I was able to really explore deeply into Italian culture... besides of the great improvement of the language, I felt surprisingly fluent and that to me was my biggest gain. Every activity was very fruitful regardless of my personal interests. I learned things I wasn’t expecting to learn and met meaningful people along the way... that is another major gain.
It was like being transported into a dream world. Every day I spoke and experienced each moment completely, without worrying about how I wd get somewhere, what I would eat or drink. I could — and Did — focus solely on speaking Italian and experiencing all that I could of Napoli. It was wonderful, true Immersion, grazie mille a Roberta!
Unlike a typical tour to Italy, the Total Immersion Trip allowed us to experience a deeper understanding of Napoli by exposing us to the culture, people, music, food, family-life, wine, language and art of the region. The program together with the sincerity and openness of the people we met along the way, allowed us to ‘begin’ to gain a rich understanding of Napoli and the region in a short period of time.
I absolutely loved every bit of it! My expectations were totally exceeded. I have spent the last 6 weeks traveling all over Italy and when I tell Italians about my experience in Napoli they almost don’t believe me. I think we were incredibly lucky to be shown such a deep and varied view of this ancient city.
Breathtaking! I could have spent a few more hours there! I feel so lucky I was able to experience such history! Forever in my heart.
Everything we did was wonderful and there was such a diversity of experiences. But I think what I’ll remember the most was the incredible people we met, and especially our guides, Anna and Michela. Having the opportunity to learn so much from these two brilliant Napolitane experts was an absolute joy.