Begin your journey with Italian.....

Discover a new and fun-filled way to learn the Italian language from Italian natives at percorsoItaliano, a language school in Seattle. percorsoItaliano (“Italian journey”) classes take students on a life-enriching journey via the Italian language. Students will explore Italian culture and history while learning grammar and vocabulary. Classes are small and lively and include forays into fashion, cooking, art, literature, music, and film. percorsoItaliano emphasizes everyday conversation and uses an interactive method to make learning Italian both effective and fun. Read more about our unique teaching methodology.

Our classes offer an ideal way to prepare for a trip to Italy, broaden your world view, or experience the Italian language and culture without leaving home. Our students also take classes to explore their personal heritage, learn a new skill, and connect with friends and/or relatives who speak Italian. Benvenuti! 

“Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita.”

 -Federico Fellini

The Best Italian Language School EVER!
I signed up with percorsoItaliano about a year ago, and the progress I’ve made is tremendous, as I look back and compare my experience with other schools I’ve tried in Seattle during the last two decades.
There are several reasons that make percorsoItaliano special. Not only are the teachers accomplished professional educators, but also they have the right personalities that spark a full-energy engagement with the students, they provide relentless encouragement even when some of us might need more time to absorb certain concepts, and they offer additional opportunities to learn and discover.
percorsoItaliano is an innovative Italian language school, and we are lucky that they have settled in Seattle!
If you are interested in Italian language and culture, or are planning a trip to Italy, this is the best place to start learning!
Molte grazie Roberta, Elisabetta, Lia!
— Ara B.