One-on-one/customized class testimonials

Learning Italian with percorsoItaliano is like going to your best friend’s house to talk and share stories, but you’re learning a new language as you go.  I’ve learned so much in just the nine months since I’ve started — and I put it to good use on a 2-week trip to Italy this spring. 

There is a clear structure, lesson plan and homework for each class, but Roberta encourages fluid conversation as well.  She corrects our pronunciation and adds vocabulary throughout the class, making notes on a flip-pad that are emailed to us immediately after the lesson.

The school’s flexibility in scheduling, including a customized, small-group course for my three friends and me, has been fantastic!

I am so pleased to have made significant progress thus far and am eager to continue into intermediate and upper-level courses, cooking classes and cultural lessons as well.
— Andrea L.
Taking private lessons with Roberta has been wonderful. I have worked with a lot of language teachers over the years and she is the best. Working with her has been the “perfetto” complement to Duolingo and Pimsleur to help me learn as fast as possible for my trip to Italy.
— Eric M.
I have been taking Italian since September in a small group lesson Roberta designed for us as well as a few privates. These are far and away the best language classes I’ve ever taken. If only I’d had courses like this when I was taking French in high school and college. Total immersion is the only way to learn a language and Roberta uses Italian explanations or animation to help us understand words or phrases we didn’t know.

— Debbie L.

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