What our students have to say



I simply cannot sing the praises of percorsoItaliano, Roberta, Elisabetta, and Lia enough.

Percorso, the teachers, and their method of teaching are phenomenal. If you are an adult wanting to learn to speak Italian as a very beginner or wanting to refresh or improve your Italian, this is the place to go.

I had studied Italian in grad school over 30 years ago and had taken a few classes periodically since then. About three years ago, my workload lessened and I decided I wanted to really try to regain my ability to speak the language. I searched for a class/teacher, landed upon Percorso, and have been taking lessons or classes since then. Initially I took private lessons with Roberta to refresh and review until I was then ready to join a class. And I hope to continue!

Besides being an exceptional person, Roberta is a fantastic teacher. She loves teaching and is especially good at helping adults—who are often more hesitant, shy at attempting to speak, and make mistakes—feel encouraged and comfortable. Her enthusiasm and teaching skills are remarkable. You can read others’ comments about the classes and teachers, and I can only say “ditto”!

Roberta has welcomed me back into studying Italian and in the process has widened my world to make me feel included as a part of a very special family. She has given me courage to speak in Italian when my husband and I have traveled in Italy with friends. And the Italians were pleased that I was trying to speak their language and were encouraging and kind as well, which made for even more meaningful encounters with Italians on our travels. Percorso has enriched my life. Now, if I can just master the subjunctive!
— Toni C.
Great teachers, great courses, great conversations, and unique events are all wrapped up into a perfect experience at percorsoItaliano.  Roberta and her team of talented and friendly instructors have a wonderful way of making everyone feel comfortable. They are intuitive and have the perfect teaching style-they connect with everyone in the class at a very personal level. I have gone from feeling intimidated to speak Italian to jumping into conversations when I travel and enjoying Italian SIFF!  
— Anne W.
I am grateful for the engaging, caring and committed introduction I have received to the Italian language, Italy and the Italian people in percorsoItaliano First Steps 1-3.  Percorso’s instructors share not only their language expertise, but also their passion for all things Italian in teaching each student.  With year-round small class offerings, numerous workshop opportunities and private lessons available, it feels not only like a school, but a family.  I studied Italian for one quarter at a community college, and learned it is well worth the extra expense for the small class sizes, individualized attention, and many other opportunities to learn and engage with the local Italian community at Percorso!
— Terri C.
Congratulations to the staff at percorsoItaliano on their 5th Anniversary! I have been a student at Percorso for most of those same 5 years, starting as a total beginner hoping to learn a few phrases for my first trip to Italy, and have enjoyed the “journey” immensely. Studying languages has always been one of the joys in my life, and studying Italian with Roberta, Elisabetta, and Lia in such a friendly, casual, and interactive environment ranks up there as one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. The small classes (never more than 4-5 people) provide an intimate setting where students can speak freely and often, without feeling the pressure of a traditional classroom setting. Homework assignments are fair and don’t require more of a time commitment than working adults can afford, and feel more like a pleasant diversion than real work - especially with a glass of wine to get the creative juices flowing! I thought the Introduction/ Beginner series of classes were most beneficial, and provided me with a great skill-base in a relatively short amount of time. Within a year I felt comfortable enough to take other workshops/seminars, like the Whidbey Island Weekend, and speaking Italian in casual conversation at events like La Tavola Italiana. I have also used my language skills to great benefit on several trips to Italy since that first one. Lastly, I’ve made several good friends at Percorso, which might be the best benefit of all (next to Doris’ caffe latte)! Happy Anniversary Percorso!
— Richard B.
I’ve taken classes at percorsoItaliano for several years. I’ve had Roberta and Elisabetta for instructors and they are both excellent. I’ve taken classes that focused on film, Pinocchio and an upper intermediate/class conversation and readings class. All have been well-organized and, above all, fun! Almost all of the students are returnees because once you start taking classes at Percorso, you don’t want to stop. The major reason for this is their fine teaching skill. Both Roberta and Elisabetta have a knack for engaging everyone in the class and creating an environment where you feel motivated to learn. If you’re interested in learning Italian, this is the best school in Seattle.
— James H.