First steps testimonials

I. WAS. HOOKED.  It took only one class, on a Seattle January evening, with the talented and amazing Roberta to keep me coming back for more.  Yes, it was my first Italian language class and it awakened a part of my brain and heart that I had neglected.  I have wanted to learn Italian since my first trip to Italy in 1996 ..Fast forward 20 years and many Italian trips later to Percorso Italiano: the ideal school to learn the language in Seattle.  Roberta’s and Elisabetta’s passion for teaching and interactive styles are perfect for me.  Their knowledge, energy, and cultural references provide the right combination for a full and effective learning experience.
— Laura I.
My First Steps class with Roberta on Monday afternoons is the highlight of my week! Roberta combines the discipline of learning a new language with the joy of discovery and just plain fun: like a sojourn in Italy right here in Seattle.  The classes I’ve taken with Lia and Elisabetta are similarly taught “con brio” - always stimulating, always supportive.
— Anita D.
I began studying at percorsoItaliano last year and have now completed four 10-week courses with Roberta.  I found her to be extremely approachable and competent as a teacher.  Elisabetta, her colleague, taught three of our classes in Roberta’s absence, and we instantly warmed up to her, as well.  There were 5-6 of us in each of the classes, and the teaching method uses a textbook and homework, as well as conversation.  The classes are lively, and I feel I have come a long way this past year.  My initial intention was to learn enough to speak a little bit on vacation in Sicily last summer, but I liked the Italian language so much that I continued my studies after I returned.  I just wanted to get better and better. 
— Susie N.
Studying Italian at percorsoItaliano is, hands down, always interesting, challenging, fun, and a positive experience all around. Roberta and her team have built an extraordinary Italian language school that is as good as it gets. There is always laughter while we are learning, lots of support and encouragement, but also a very clear goal of expanding our ability to read, speak and understand the language.  Each instructor has a unique style that compliments the others’ styles. Conversation in s always encouraged, and in fact, is the mainstay of every class. Being someone who has an unusual schedule, which does not allow me to attend with the regularity that I would like, Percorso has so many options to fit each individual’s needs, from 5 week conversation classes, to 10 week grammar classes, private and semi private classes, etc. I always feel welcome and the staff goes above the call to be sure that each student’s needs are met, and that there is a class that fits their schedule as well as their ability level. It simply does not get any better than percorsoItaliano!
— Nancy H.
A very happy 5th anniversary to percorsoItaliano! Being a student at the school has been a truly wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for me. For most of my adult life I have wanted to be able to speak Italian and perhaps one day live in Italy. After 30 years of raising a family and putting off those dreams, I found Roberta and percorsoItaliano. I became a student of these wonderful teachers, starting with the beginners class. I gradually learned enough to feel comfortable to try conversation, at which point I then joined a conversation class as well. I have been taught by Roberta, Elisabetta and Lia and they are all absolutely wonderful and effective teachers. So friendly, encouraging, energetic in their manner - it could not have been a better experience. And now...guess what? I’m living in Italy and communicating! This dream has come true, and in large part to percorsoItaliano.
— Holly H.
I’m just beginning First Steps 3 and slowly but surely my Italian is improving. The classes are small, intimate and lots of fun. The teacher (Lia) has great patience and a terrific sense of humor. She’s encouraging and supportive as is everyone in the class. We all make mistakes but as Lia says, with patience we will all make progress. The pace and the mixture of homework, basic grammar, and conversation, are just right. Learning such a beautiful language in such pleasant surroundings is a wonderful experience and I am very happy to recommend the classes at percorsoItaliano to anyone who seeks a little adventure and challenge.
— Leon G.
I have been a percorsoItaliano student for two years and I cannot say enough about it!
I am very selective and exigent when it comes to education and languages in particular, since it is one of my biggest passions. percorsoItaliano is simply the best, I have had classes with every one of the instructors/teachers, I enjoy and learned equally from each one. They sincerely care about their students, they show true dedication and passion for what they do… they are super fun and those traits are something so special you simply feel it! There is always such a great atmosphere, once you walk in the class you are immediately transported to Italy… I highly recommend percorsoItaliano to everyone who wants to learn Italian the right and most fun way. 
— Mailen L.
Going to this class each week is like coming down to dinner at an Italian agriturismo, where the whole family is in attendance and the hosts are eager to engage their guests in the language. Self-consciousness melts away in all the fun.
— Dick W.
I have been studying at percorsoItaliano for a year and have had the great luck of having worked with all three of its teachers. I have studied with Elisabetta for four regular terms, Roberta for a summer session, and Roberta and Lia for an intensive weekend immersion class. It’s remarkable to me that all three teachers so beautifully execute a teaching philosophy that is both personally supportive and intellectually challenging. Mistakes are expected and seen as a path to greater proficiency. Percorso classrooms are fun and there is always good Italian coffee to remind us of the culture we are learning about. In addition to classes, there are frequent workshops celebrating Italian life, art, food and culture. Last year several classes attended the Italian Film Festival followed by snacks, wine and discussion at a Queen Ann Wine Bar. It is the teachers that make the school, and I can’t imagine a better assembly of language instructors. I am retired and heartily recommend language study to keep the brain active, and because of its beauty, I heartily recommend Italian. Most of all, though, I recommend percorsoItaliano.
— Lois H.
I have been taking classes at percorsoItaliano for about four years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes. I came to Percorso as a true beginner in the Italian language. From the very beginning, the classes have been fun, informative and informal. We started speaking in Italian from the first day and increased our use of the language with every class.

Percorso has given me the opportunity to practice both my listening and speaking skills through their entertaining and informative cooking classes, conversation classes and cultural workshops. I would recommend Percorso to anyone who wants to start or improve their knowledge and use of the Italian language!
— Ann D.
I have been taking classes at percorsoItaliano for close to 4 years now, first as a private student of Roberta and then with Lia and Elisabetta in different classes. They are all excellent teachers and encourage a fun and engaging experience geared for adult learning. I had tried different schools before  but it was with percorsoItaliano that I really felt the lessons sticking with me. I’ve been to Italy a couple of times since and each time I am thrilled at what I can understand and also communicate. Grazie mille!
— Cristina L.
I planned my first trip to Italy in the spring of 2016 and started taking classes at percorsoItaliano in preparation. What a delightful experience it has been! Not only are the classes fun, but they are an effective method to fast track proficiency in reading and speaking Italian. The teachers are native speakers with years of experience. When I went on my trip to Italy I felt confident trying out my Italian . It helped me function immensely and I believe made the trip that much more enjoyable! I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn Italian!
— Marc R.
Studying Italian together at percorsoItaliano has been a voyage of discovery and has added a rich new dimension to our lives.  Learning a new language at our (or any) age is challenging.  At Percorso, we have found it to be hugely rewarding and a TON of fun.  Grazie!
— Anthony P. and Colleen M.
Un giorno ho cercato una scuola vicino da me - ho trovato percorsoItaliano! What a find! I knew some Italian but needed to make my pronunciation more like a native speaker and improve my grammar. I wanted to learn to read in Italian and be accomplished enough to speak more fluently. They provide a learning experience with all this and more. Professional educators, new friends and rewarding experiences await those who select Percorso.
— Joy S.
I have taken both classes and individual lessons at percorsoItaliano for the past year. Most of my sessions have been with Roberta, who brings remarkable positive energy and encouragement to every class, but I also really enjoyed my lessons with Elisabetta and would recommend studying with either teacher. The classes involve a nice mix of conversation practice and grammar, and the camaraderie with the other students makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. The organization of the classes is excellent. Highly recommended!
— Diana P.
Last year, upon the advice of another percorsoItaliano student, I registered for the first class I have voluntarily taken in years.  I was a bit anxious as I was working class in and around other commitments, learning to speak a beautiful language in front of others, and preparing homework after decades out of a classroom.  Thankfully, after my first class with Elisabetta, all of my worries were cast aside and I was excited about learning Italian. I have met lovely people around the table in class and feel comfortable as we all laugh, share, and learn together.  

I enrolled in class to prepare for our family trip to Italy this year.  It was my second trip but first with my husband and three kids (plus three other families!) and I thought speaking a bit of Italian would enrich my experience.  After taking two sessions of classes, and driving my family crazy by practicing at home, we were off for our two week adventure.   It would be impossible not to enjoy Italy but having a basic understanding of Italian was amazing!  Being able to read signs, ask questions, understand some, and engage in simple conversation really brought our vacation to life for me.  The vast majority of people we encountered were eager to help, to teach me new phrases, and very gracious when I failed miserably.  
I am now taking my third session, with Roberta, and am looking forward to my next trip to Italy…maybe next time I’ll just sit in the bar, read the paper, and talk with locals.  
— Lisa B.
I have been studying Italian for 2 1/2 years and I can recommend this school highly. The teachers are all native speakers who are patient , warm and friendly. The classes are small so we have the opportunity to speak a lot of Italian during the class, as we learn the grammar. And we have fun and laugh as we learn. 
— Margaret M.
Elisabetta’s class is really fun, engaging and I’ve learned a lot of Italian in a short amount of time. I even enjoy the homework!
— Janet S.