Her classes are always fun!

It is difficult to know where to start in singing the praises of Roberta. I have studied with her over the last few years following my daughter’s departure for Italy, with the goal of being proficient by the time she returned. As a counselor myself, I know the benefits of a making an intuitive and inspiring connection with students. Roberta connects with her students in a way that is a gift. She has a sense of how students learn best, and I have seen her rapidly switch gears and be flexible in her approach to each individual in the room, inspiring them to learn in the way that works best for them. Her love of travel and food further ignites a class as she can discuss any topic of interest and has a genuine interest in her students’ lives and learning. From grammar, to conversational Italian, and interactive visual tools, her classes are always fun! Roberta is constantly looking for new approaches to teaching languages, often sharing tools she has brought from conferences and colleagues. Roberta’s knowledge and engagement with students is unsurpassed. 
— Anne W. 

One loses all sense of shyness or anxiety.

Roberta is far more than a teacher in the traditional sense. From the beginning she brought a combination of skill, enthusiasm and charm that has been unique in my life as a learner. And that was only the beginning. She offers a carefully tailored approach for everyone, whether a nervous neophyte with not a word of Italian or an experienced speaker looking to enrich their knowledge of the language through study or travel.  Moreover its always enjoyable, her classroom atmosphere is so much fun that one loses all sense of shyness or anxiety… a perfect atmosphere for acquiring a language. From my point of view, ours has been a long and very fruitful relationship. Through her efforts and encouragement new doors have opened in my life that has led to greatly enriching experiences in both the language, culture and history of Italy. To her, I credit new friends, a greatly enhanced view of Italy and a respectable working knowledge of Italian that earns me many complements as I travel in Italy. It’s an adventure I never would have anticipated when I walked through her door for my first lesson in a romance language some ten years ago.
— Melissa P.

Like a weekly mini-trip to Italy

Learning with Roberta feels more like a weekly mini trip to Italy than going to school.  The conversation in her classes, always in Italian, is full of humor and energy and flows so freely, that if I arrive a few minutes late and overhear the chatter of voices it sounds like I’m stepping into a café in Italy.  The time flies fast, but somehow, even with all the fun and liveliness, we still go home with the principles of grammar firmly in hand.  I am a writer and actor living in Seattle.  During the years I’ve studied with Roberta I’ve spent some time in Italy.  Whenever I return her teaching has helped me to step comfortably into the fast paced speech of daily life there.  In the meantime she creates a little bit of Italy for us here in Seattle.   Roberta Torgerson is a charged and truly inspired teacher.
— Mary B.

A naturally gifted and passionate teacher.

Roberta Tauriello Torgerson is wonderfully talented language teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious—she loves her subject and wants you to love it, too. I started taking Italian with her about 10 years ago, with a few breaks (to have a baby and to finish a Master’s Degree at UW), but I have always returned to the class because she creates such a warm and welcoming environment for learning the most beautiful language in the world. My background is in Slavic studies, and I have taken many university-level language classes. Roberta’s class is just as challenging as those university classes, but it’s much more fun, with the added bonus of a delightful sense of camaraderie among the students. Many of us have stayed with her for years and become close friends.
Though Roberta gives her students a solid foundation in grammar and is a stickler for pronunciation, her main emphasis is on conversation. Classes often focus on Italian cuisine, literature, film, history, and current events. Learning a foreign language as an adult can be frustrating; nobody likes making mistakes or not being able to express herself clearly. Roberta takes some of the sting out of that frustration with her patience and her ability to encourage students to do their best. I can strongly recommend her for anyone who is intrigued by Italian and wants to explore the language and the culture with a naturally gifted and passionate teacher.
— Erin B.

I loved the camaraderie.

My initial motivation for studying Italian was in preparation for a week long biking trip in Italy four years ago. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy learning a new language, but I returned two years ago and biked across Italy! 
I also wanted the challenge of learning a new language as a way to improve myself mentally. I teach people how to blow glass and think it is important as a teacher to also be a student; being a student gives me a different perspective and improves my ability as an educator.
I loved the camaraderie of the other students in my class and especially the humor, passion and professionalism of Roberta.
— Paula S.

It has changed my life.

I decided to take a beginner Italian class after going on a culinary group tour in Italy.   Three years later, I am still studying Italian with Roberta and it has changed my life.  Not only has it enriched my knowledge of everything Italian, but I actually decided to leave my full-time Human Resources Generalist position to work part-time so that I could devote as much time as possible to learning the language.  Roberta is passionate and fun, and she is an amazing teacher.
— Martha L.

Individual classes/ private tutoring Testimonials

I have reached something beyond my expectations - 
namely being comfortable speaking, hearing and 
reading a second language.

If you have made the commitment, for whatever reason, to take individual lessons in order to study and learn a foreign language, you would probably have several expectations.  Among them might be finding a capable and experienced teacher with whom you are comfortable and who has the ability to help you achieve your objectives for taking lessons.  You might also be expecting guidance in choosing how you should best structure your time between grammar and vocabulary study, reading material for discussion, and just plain conversation on topics of your choice.  This latter would likely lead to a better understanding of the culture and life styles of the country whose language you are studying.  And then I think the total experience needs to be an enjoyable one as you work to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.

I have studied Italian with Roberta Torgerson for ten years.  During that time, I have not only accomplished the above “wish list”, but feel as if I have reached something beyond my expectations - namely being comfortable speaking, hearing and reading a second language.  Roberta deserves most of the credit for this. She has excellent teaching skills and makes corrections in a positive and supportive manner.  Beyond working with me on the necessary “nuts and bolts” of learning a new language, she has provided me with a continued desire to enhance and improve my understanding of what makes the Italian language so fascinating.  For example, learning about Italian idiomatic phrases (and their derivations) from a native speaker is an aspect of studying with Roberta that I have particularly enjoyed. I am sure that it is her love of the language along with her enthusiastic approach that is largely responsible for maintaining my interest in studying with her for this length of time.  I am sure that my Italian has substantially improved and in so doing it has been a most enjoyable process.  At the end of each lesson, I can never believe that our time is up.  I am looking forward to many more years of studying Italian with Roberta.
— Herb S.

One of the most thrilling and electric learning 
experiences of my life.

I have the privilege and pleasure of recommending Roberta Tauriello Torgerson to all of you.  I have studied Italian with Roberta since 2007 and it has genuinely been one of the most thrilling and electric learning experiences of my life.  She is an excellent, caring, highly knowledgeable, fun, and compassionate teacher who inspires and encourages me.  Roberta has a complete grasp of both Italian and English and has a strong desire to share her knowledge.  Roberta has always maintained high expectations and has sent me away from lessons excited and motivated to learn more.  It absolutely has been worth every effort.  She has asked me to do independent research, read literature, and learn more about facets of Italian culture and history, among many other things.  Some of my fondest memories of our earliest lessons are of drinking wine and tasting Italian cheeses and describing our experiences.  When I finally traveled to Italy in 2009, I felt completely prepared, and I was.  There were many, many great instances during our trip when Italians would smile and compliment me on my communication skills and my efforts to not just be another American tourist.  The journey was much more profound than that.  There were even moments during our trip when my ability to communicate in Italian actually became quite necessary.  Roberta prepared me very well for all of it.  Our adventures had so much more meaning, and I definitely owe it to my excellent teacher.  In a larger sense, Roberta has done more for me than to just teach me Italian, too.  In the process of learning a new language, I have become a calmer, more confident person.  I find I am able to relax and breathe easier when I am in the spotlight.  Roberta has also helped me to rethink how I communicate in English, too, which has impacted my business and my relationships, and I am still in the process every day.  I enthusiastically recommend Roberta Tauriello Torgerson as your Italian teacher. 
— Troy M.

Working with Roberta has been a huge treat.

I am a senior at Roosevelt High School. I began taking Italian lessons from Roberta at the beginning of the year for my senior project which was to learn Italian. I have enjoyed it so much that I am still taking lessons in June even though I finished my project in March. I can’t stop! Her passion for Italian and creativity with teaching makes learning fun and exciting. I have learned a lot from her. When I visited an Italian class at my future college, the professor said that she would move me up to the second or third level of Italian when I came in the fall. That was after taking lessons from Roberta for only a few months! Working with Roberta has been a huge treat and I am so sad to be leaving her next year. 
— Hannah J.

She encouraged me to speak Italian spontaneously and not 
worry about whether I had the grammar and vocabulary perfect.

A professional editor for 30 years, I have been studying Italian with Roberta Tauriello Torgerson for about seven years. When we began, in 2004, I had recently returned from a wonderful trip to Italy, and I was eager to learn the language. Roberta was recommended to me by a friend who is also a longtime student of hers. I have always studied with Roberta one-to-one, preferring the more intimate environment to a classroom. 

One day, early in my Italian studies, I arrived flustered for our weekly lesson and immediately apologized to Roberta for not finishing my homework. She told me the last thing she wanted was for me to be sitting outside in my car frantically trying to complete the homework before the lesson began. Greatly relieved, I laughed, admitting that I had been doing exactly that. This was the moment when I realized Roberta understands how to teach adults. Her intuitive, flexible approach to teaching has worked very well for me.

She encouraged me to speak Italian spontaneously and not worry about whether I had the grammar and vocabulary perfect before talking. This was a very important lesson for me, a person with deep-rooted perfectionist tendencies.

I have learned a lot of Italian in my years of studying with Roberta, and I have had a lot of fun doing it. She is warm, bright, and energetic and has a lively sense of humor. I never fail to enjoy our time together.

— Charles S.

An absolute dream.

The intimate class size and lack of classroom-like drills made my introductory Italian class an absolute dream. The anxiety I’ve experienced in previous language classes doesn’t exist with percorsoItaliano. Our instructor, Roberta Torgerson, was very encouraging and celebrated our progress with such energy and charm. I will be back for the intermediate class!
— Erin C.

I would recommend this course to anyone.

I recently completed the percorsoItaliano course, and I found it to be very enjoyable and worthwhile … lots of opportunity to hear and practice spoken Italian and review some grammar in a comfortable small-group setting. Roberta is a very enthusiastic and engaging teacher. She is highly capable and obviously enjoys teaching. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in advancing their Italian language skills at the intermediate level.
— John  S.

Innovative teachers who make you a better student.

The teachers at percorsoItaliano (I have studied with both Roberta T. and Elisabetta V.) are true professionals.  They are intellectually engaging and challenging educators who pour energy into their work and delight in the process of teaching.  Roberta and Elisabetta are innovative teachers who make you a better student. They have an unambiguously deep love of the Italian language and culture that stimulates learning that lasts. Class is always a pleasure as well as a challenge.
— Michael M.

Willing to tailor a course to my special needs.

I feel very lucky to be a part of your program. Elisabetta is an outstanding teacher: knowledgeable, experienced, kind, and fun! It was wonderful to find an Italian language program so willing to tailor a course to my special needs. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in Italian!
— Carolina T.