Workshops are the next best thing to going to Italy, as participants are completely immersed in the language and culture by spending the day hearing and speaking the language. We like to provide an experience where students can escape the classroom and feel comfortable and encouraged to participate. We offer cooking, language and culture workshops throughout the year.

Workshops are conducted not only by percorsoItaliano teachers, but also by Italian native speakers from all walks of life who have a passion for sharing their craft—architects, opera singers, business owners, academics in cinema and history, artists, professional and home cooks, entrepreneurs, and more. We’ve been fortunate to invite Italians residing in the Seattle area, as well as those living in Italy who are able to coordinate a day visit to percorsoItaliano as part of their travels. 

**We offer workshops during each session and they often sell out, so if you’d like to hear about them as soon as they’re announced, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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Class time is valuable so it is important to provide an alternative learning environment where students of percorsoItaliano and elsewhere can supplement their Italian studies with a total language immersion experience, whether it is related to language, culture, or cooking. We offer workshops on cooking, art, film, architecture, history, opera, and various regions or cities of Italy, all in Italian.

It is rewarding to see students in another light outside the standard classroom. As teachers, we enjoy watching students interact with their peers in a more engaging way at workshops—breaking out of their shells, making us laugh, surprising us with their talents, and imparting their cultural knowledge to us on a wide spectrum of subjects.

If you don’t have the time to take regularly scheduled percorsoItaliano classes (or you take them elsewhere), workshops are a great way to stay connected to the language and culture. We often have workshop attendees who have an Italian background, grew up hearing/speaking it at home, and want to reconnect with their culture. It’s fun to see new faces at our workshops!


A marvelous array of stimulating cultural and cooking workshops in which I found myself amongst others who, like myself, love Italy and all things Italian. Roberta has made us feel like part of one big Italian family.
— Toni C.