Lingua, cultura e cucina


Classes are small and lively and are held in Seattle in a cozy, contemporary setting in Laurelhurst, near University Village. In addition to textbooks, we use our own materials and incorporate conversation into the curriculum. Classes are taught primarily to adults of all ages from diverse backgrounds—artists, musicians, actors, writers, editors, physicians, lawyers, engineers, cooks, college students, and retirees. We also teach classes to high school students. Italian coffee and tea are served at every session.

Customized classes are available for those who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes and wish to have a more one-on-one experience.

Cooking and culture workshops are offered periodically and provide an alternative learning environment where students can supplement their Italian studies with a total language immersion experience, whether it is related to language, culture, or cooking. We offer workshops on cooking, art, film, architecture, history, opera, and various regions or cities of Italy, all in Italian.

Total Immersion Weekends take place on Whidbey Island once or twice a year - a great way to be immersed in the language without going to Italy. 

Total Immersion Trip to ItalyAn unforgettable journey and the ultimate Italian learning experience! Every two years we offer a 9-10 day trip to Italy with a small group of intermediate to advanced students.



I have enjoyed the videos Roberta has directed us to. And her encouragement to seek out ways to immerse ourselves in hearing, listening and learning the language using apps, you tube etc.
I respect how Roberta navigates the varying familiarity with foreign language learning among those in the class. Everyone is encouraged to try, press ahead, and try again to find success.
In our classe Roberta is so skilled at finding a good balance between grammar, pronunciation, repetition, cultural nuances and personal experiences. It’s a beautiful blend of all things that enrich the experience and positively support adult learners.
— Kathy H.
I am a lyric soprano based in Seattle. I recently contacted percorsoItaliano in hopes of finding someone to help me with my Italian diction for an opera I was cast in. The price is very reasonable, and after four one hour lessons with Elisabetta I felt like I had a very good handle on the Italian language, diction and pronunciation. Elisabetta even takes notes and sends them to you over email, and she recorded some of the harder words and sentences for me and sent them with the notes as well. With the help of Elisabetta and Francesca, I could understand and relate to what my character was feeling, thinking and saying. These women are simply a JOY to work with! They are so patient, kind and friendly. I felt like I was fully immersed in the Italian culture with them. I highly suggest to any singer who is looking for help with the Italian language to go to this school. I arrived not knowing much at all about Italian and I left with much more understanding of the language, culture and the people. I will definitely be returning again for more classes and coachings.
Grazie mille to Elisabetta, Francesca, Roberta and Percorso Italiano!
— Dora Barnes
Taking private lessons with Roberta has been wonderful. I have worked with a lot of language teachers over the years and she is the best. Working with her has been the “perfetto” complement to Duolingo and Pimsleur to help me learn as fast as possible for my trip to Italy
— Eric M.
I must also say something about the venue for the school, which is a lovely European-style space. The “family” atmosphere is conducive to our learning the language. Every week, in addition to a big smile, we are greeted with a personally prepared cappuccino, espresso, or caffè latte. I always feel I am stepping inside a small outpost of Italy!
— Susie N.
The small class size and intimate class environments are conducive to lively conversations and discussions in which all can participate.
— Linda B.
Classes are small, which makes learning very interactive, and it also allows flexibility in curriculum variations to better fit the needs of the students. In terms of approach, the balance between grammar, conversation, and cultural insights is just right; they bring a full-spectrum experience to language learning!
— Ara B.
The classes involve a nice mix of conversation practice and grammar, and the camaraderie with the other students makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. The organization of the classes is excellent. Highly recommended!
— Diana P.