I must also say something about the venue for the school, which is a lovely European-style space. The “family” atmosphere is conducive to our learning the language. Every week, in addition to a big smile, we are greeted with a personally prepared cappuccino, espresso, or caffè latte. I always feel I am stepping inside a small outpost of Italy! 
— Susie N
The small class size and intimate class environments are conducive to lively conversations and discussions in which all can participate.
— Linda B.
Classes are small, which makes learning very interactive, and it also allows flexibility in curriculum variations to better fit the needs of the students. In terms of approach, the balance between grammar, conversation, and cultural insights is just right; they bring a full-spectrum experience to language learning!
— Ara B.
The classes involve a nice mix of conversation practice and grammar, and the camaraderie with the other students makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. The organization of the classes is excellent. Highly recommended!
— Diana P.