“WARM UP” for First Steps 3 and 4 - Wednesday (September 2018)

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Roberta 15.jpg

“WARM UP” for First Steps 3 and 4 - Wednesday (September 2018)


Class Name in Italian: Riscaldamento per Primi Passi 3 e 4

Level: Beginner

Location: Seattle (Laurelhurst) 

Dates: 2 weeks ▪ Wednesdays ▪ September 12 - September 19, 2018

Time: 10:00am – 11:30 am

Description: Would you like to refresh your Italian this September?

This short session will be an ideal way to re-awaken your mind to the Italian language with practical and enjoyable exercises.

In this “warm up” session, you will have the chance to speak, build your vocabulary, review grammar and improve your comprehension skills.

What a great way to brush up your Italian and get ready for your upcoming trip to Italy or for your fall classes!

Important note: If you are a new student or you are unsure which section of warm -up classes to register for, please contact us at info@percorsoitaliano.com. We will call you directly to do a level assessment. Grazie!


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