Corsi d'italiano

SUMMER AT percorsoItaliano

This summer, percorsoItaliano is offering five weeks of immersive CONVERSAZIONE E RIPASSO classes designed to help you improve your skills no matter your level. In these classes you’ll be exposed to a variety of Italian media and will engage with your classmates, working together to dramatically enhance and expand your existing repertoire. If the schedule provided for one of the classes doesn’t match yours don’t worry! We also provide the option of ongoing tailored lessons for those with more limited time so you won’t have to fall behind in your Italian studies. 

Absolute Beginner - Intermediate Classes:

At this stage, we offer lower- or mid-level classes for students just beginning or continuing to learn:

Absolute Beginner


High Beginner

Low Intermediate


High Intermediate/Advanced

At this stage, we offer higher-level classes for students to engage on various topics and continue to learn:


Keep up your Italian by enrolling in our interactive CONVERSATION CLASSES that take more communicative approaches to Italian (with less of a focus on grammar). Students will have the opportunity to practice reading, comprehension, listening, and speaking. We will explore Italian culture by reading a short story/article and listening to accompanying audio clips.