Corsi d'italiano


Absolute Beginner - Low Intermediate Classes: 

Our FIRST STEPS series, PRIMI PASSI CON L'ITALIANO, is a great way to start your Italian journey. It can be intimidating to start a new language, so we try to make students feel comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.

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Because class sizes are small and interactive, students have the chance to ask questions, go over homework, be involved in their learning experience, and foster camaraderie. There are a total of 9 First Steps levels that provide you with a solid foundation and show you how much fun learning a new language can be. We emphasize the importance of immersion and comprehension from the beginning, so starting from the first class of First Steps 1, you will be spoken to in nearly all Italian. Students who come out of the First Steps series can hold their own.

With PRACTICAL GRAMMAR, students will review different aspects of Italian grammar in context. A series of practical and enjoyable exercises will be presented in a way that students can learn grammar while being exposed to Italian idioms and culture.

In our new class, STROLLING WITH ITALIAN IN FIRST STEPS 5, in a conversational setting, students will practice grammar by reading, listening to stories, and watching videos.

Enrich your Italian vocabulary through one of the most delicious, innovative, influential, and well-known cuisines in the world: la cucina italiana with ITALIAN IN THE KITCHEN. This brand-new 5-week class offers students who are food lovers a chance to learn specific food terminology. We will stroll through authentic Italian recipes, learning vocabulary related to the ingredients, cooking equipment, and techniques that will enhance your knowledge of Italian cuisine. We will end this class by preparing one of the recipes and enjoying it together around the dinner table.

Absolute Beginner


High Beginner

Low Intermediate


Our Intermediate Italian series transitions you from a First Steps student to an intermediate one. Students will practice grammar in a conversational setting via a study of different cultural readings. Colloquial phrases and idiomatic expressions will be taught. This is an ideal class for students who have already completed the First Steps series or for those who have a solid understanding and command of the language but want to review grammar concepts in depth.

Let's take a trip with the imperfetto e il passato prossimo with TRAVELING WITH VERBS! During this ten-week class, students will engage in spoken and written activities using mainly the past simple and past perfect simple of the verbi regolari e irregolari, verbi riflessivi, verbi modali (potere, dovere, volere). By focusing on just the IMPERFETTO E PASSATO PROSSIMO, students of all levels will have the chance to practice this tense and analyze its use versus or with the passato prossimo.

High Intermediate/Advanced

At this stage, we offer higher-level classes for students to engage on various topics and continue to learn:


In the ADVANCED series, students will develop their Italian conversation skills, enrich their vocabulary, and get a deeper knowledge of Italy and its culture through readings, videos, and short film clips from recent Italian movies. During this 10-week session, we will engage in activities that stimulate observation, reflection, and comprehension, progressively improving grammar and language skills through exercises, group activities and discussion. Students will gradually learn vocabulary and use it repetitively through various creative exercises.

In our NEWS AND FUN FACTS class, students converse in Italian for pleasure while learning more about the diversity of Italy and what it is to be Italian. Students will be exposed to a more communicative approach to Italian (with less focus on grammar).

In this interactive class, brief up-to-date articles and audio will be presented to stimulate conversation. Students will explore contemporary life in Italy through various topics—the arts, travel, cinema, sport, cuisine, and pop culture. The audio recordings allow students to improve comprehension as well as increase their exposure to different native Italian accents. The grammar will be explained through various exercises as students cover the material.

In our ITALIAN THROUGH FILM class, students will explore different levels of conversation and comprehension through film. In addition to viewing various sequences of recently released Italian films, students will complete comprehension exercises, grammar activities, and vocabulary builders to increase their knowledge of the language. Different aspects of Italian history and culture will be explored. This class is ideal for students who have completed the study of Italian grammar and want to increase their knowledge of speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending the language.

CONVERSATION CLASSES (From high beginner to advanced)

Keep up your Italian by enrolling in this interactive conversation class that takes a more communicative approach to Italian (with less focus on grammar). Students will have the opportunity to practice reading, comprehension, listening, and speaking. We will explore Italian culture by reading a short story/article and listening to accompanying audio clips.